During this pandemic, reports suggest that many people are staying away from doctors and hospitals unless they have COVID-related illness.


If you are stuck at home and struggling with pain but don’t want to bother the doctor, or even if you are finding the stress of the current situation difficult to deal with, please do get in touch.


I am fully trained to assess conditions such as bad backs, sore necks, leg or arm problems, muscle or joint aches and pains, trapped nerves and chronic pain.


While face to face appointments have been postponed for now (apart from emergencies) I may be able to offer advice to help get you through.


I can also offer some fast methods to help with stress management.


If you have chronic or persistent pain, I have extensive training in non-drug ways to help manage your condition.


I offer audio or video consultations, and this service is offered free of charge, at least until the end of April.


Together we can get through this!


Stay safe, stay well and stay home if you can