We treat a huge variety of different patients, here is a list of just some of the types of patients we treat....................... 


Office Workers - Repetitive strain injury can happen when working at a desk regularly. Not only can it effect the neck but can cause headaches, elbow and wrist pain. Regular breaks with stretching is essential.



Manual Workers ! - This type of work will almost certainly at some point cause back pain - correct lifting is essential to reduce the risk of back wear and tear.

Gardeners - Bending, lifting and digging can create major stress on the neck and low back.

Driving Demons -  Driving long distances day after day can contribute to back pain.

Sports men and Women - We treat all kinds of injuries, ranging from muscle tears, knee strains, planter fasciitis to shoulder strains and impingement.


Students - Student stress combined with sitting in lectures can lead to neck, shoulder and back complaints.